Parker Natural Medicine


Initial Integrative Consult- 90 min/$150

Combined Naturopathic/Chinese intake to establish an integrative diagnosis. Comprehensive treatment plan to include diet, an individualized herbal formula, a well-matched homeopathic remedy, targeted bodywork and initial acupuncture treatment.


Integrative Follow-Up- 60 min/ $75

Assess efficacy of initial treatment or assess a new problem.  Go over any labs.  Update treatment plan. 


Follow-Up Acupuncture Services- 45 min/$65

May include cupping and targeted therapeautic massage.  Follow up fertility acupuncture services are $75. 


Follow Up Bodywork- 20 min/ $30

May include Tui Na massage, pharyngeal sweep, nasosympatique, ear wash, muscle energy stretching, naturopathic manipulation technique, tai chi instruction.